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Before and after check it out!…
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and most importantly my facebook page:…

Thank you!
Lots of love! :love:

I will soon update more stuff! :kiss:
If you had to do a photoshoot for this movie, but different from everything that has been done already, what would it be?

Also you'd only have to use the leading man.

Difficult isn't it?
Hey everybody! How are you? It's been a while..

I just signed in "" it's a fun social network where you
can ask me questions, anonymously if you want, and I will answer!

See you there! :*
Actor and model
We've been exclusively working together for 2 years and it's a great honor since she is gorgeous , talented and a great person.
This is our work together, visit her page for more!…

Fierce by mariannaphotographyFlare by mariannaphotographyDiva by mariannaphotographyEvening glow by mariannaphotographyField dance by mariannaphotographyEvening glow by mariannaphotographyGlamour babe by mariannaphotographyRing any bells? by mariannaphotographyLady in black by mariannaphotographyScar II by mariannaphotography

Mature Content

Logi by mariannaphotography
Spread my wings and fly away by mariannaphotographyClimax by mariannaphotography

JONGRIM's new digital portrait

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 4:56 AM
His work is always amazing, always perfect and always paying attention to detail.
Once again he honored me by choosing one of my portraits to make a digital painting from and the result was AWESOME!

You can see the video with the whole process here on youtube :…



And this is a small feature to the rest of his work
SOMEONE SPECIAL by JONGRIM DREAM PART 1 Great Diviner by JONGRIM MARILYN'S AUTOPSY by JONGRIM :thumb272043397: :thumb323571103: :thumb296124991:
Don't forget to visit his deviantart page too JONGRIM :iconjongrim:

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Logersa Savo fan page

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 2, 2013, 8:09 AM
She is a young model/actor located in Athens. We've done some amazings photoshoots together , plus she is one of the greatest people I've met.
If you like our work you can like her fan page on facebook for more feedback. Just click on the following link:…

Some of our stuff here on DA:
Field dance by mariannaphotographyEvening glow by mariannaphotographyGlamour babe by mariannaphotographyThe best of luck by mariannaphotographySpread my wings and fly away by mariannaphotography

ps: I might be visiting London with Logersa in the next months. If there is anyone of you living there that can help us and give us directions, or work with us for shootings please note me, thank you :)

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There is a chance I visit London in the next months to shoot and I would like your help.
Photographers and models who live and work there, contact me if you please, for work and mostly to inform me about locations I could shoot, studios, and equipment I could borrow or lent.
Thank you :)
Does anybody have any idea why is there is so much noise on the red areas of those photos and on any photo I upload and there is red?
On facebook it's even worse!
Ofcourse when I open the photos on photoshop, or with another programm on my computer they look fine!
Is there anyway I can avoid this, it really bugs me!

:thumb350507102:Chillin by mariannaphotographyDrink coca cola by mariannaphotography
Like I said I know nothing about web design so it's not the best, it has many mistakes so I'd like to hear what you think :)…
With full information and explanation of the edit
check it out…

If you liked it please like my facebook page for more :)…
Another Digital Painting of one of my portraits done by the amazing JONGRIM :iconjongrim: !
You can watch the whole creation process of the painting in the following video… , check it out, it really worths it, the guy is amazingly talented!

Plus don't forget to check out his gallery on deviantart he has some really great stuff.
:thumb323571103:MARILYN'S AUTOPSY by JONGRIM:thumb296124991::thumb244833756::thumb272043397:
Well the paradox is that the more I like my work, the less you seem to favor it.
I mean except a few stuff that I knew from the moment of their creation that they would be huge hits like "cherry".
But in other cases it's the opposite.
Why do you think that is?
Am I doing something wrong? Because personaly I feel I'm getting better!
Do you think it's because they are not nude? Because not only nude photos are popular around here.
Ofcourse I don't really care about popularity and views as much as I used to, but deviantart is a site that has embraced me and helped me a lot and I would like to hear your opinion.  
Those are a few of my favorite photos that were not very appreciated.

Fashion tales by mariannaphotographyThe blue forest by mariannaphotographyStreet way by mariannaphotographyYellow by mariannaphotographyLa torera by mariannaphotographyAvelyn by mariannaphotographyAvelyn II by mariannaphotographyGiouli by mariannaphotographyBeauty marks by mariannaphotography

Ok now just because started commenting on each photo of the above telling me every possible mistake that they could have, or many of you told me that they are just the usual stuff nothing original...come on now, seriously???? These photos here are on my front page of the most popular photos. Do you thing they are flawless or original? Something you haven't seen before? Or that they are better than my recent work and deserve more recognition? Seriously people! :P

Mature Content

Do you have a dirty mind? by mariannaphotography

Mature Content

Siren by mariannaphotography
Miami heat Vol II by mariannaphotographyIn the corner of my mind by mariannaphotography

Mature Content

4th floor by mariannaphotography
JLO by mariannaphotographySnake Island by mariannaphotography
One of my favorite models Louisa Galanis is one of the finalists in the most important greek pageant.
You can see the contest online via and you can also vote online here…
If you like her, please support Louisa Galanis, (in greek Λουίσσα Γαλάνη) just click her name.

Some of our shots together
Lou by mariannaphotographyBarbie ii by mariannaphotographyVote for Louisa by mariannaphotography

Digital Painting Video

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 23, 2012, 1:25 AM
Hey will you look at that? Amazing video of two of my portraits drawn in digital painting and pencil by JONGRIM :iconjongrim:. Amazing work, great talent, check out the detailespecially in the digital!
And JONGRIM thank you so much for all the kind words!!! :D :love:…

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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 7, 2012, 11:17 AM
I undertake your photos for retouch for 5 euros each.
Package of 20 photos for 80 euros
If you are interested contact me with a note or on my mail

You can see my work ,some before and after shots on my model mayhem profile…

Thank you! :blowkiss:

My first magazine cover!

Thu Oct 4, 2012, 1:41 PM

.: Purple Lights

My first magazine cover and interview as a photographer! :D
Huge thanks to Pro life magazine it's a new magazine and I wish the best for it and personaly to  Olga Ostrenskaya for the interview.  :)

The interview is in Russian so me myself can't understand what I'm saying either but maybe one day I might post the original one if you are interested.

I have two new sections on the site.
One is "news" for cases like that and it will keep being updated with everythinh that's new like my journals here.
So you can visit this link to see the magazine feature and the cover. :)…

The other section is photoshop Portrait retouch and make overs
before and after shots   visit…

Also for Greeks only

Two days workshop, 13,14/10 full day photoshoot, whoever joins, will get a photoshoot and 10 edited photos for 50 euros only!
Make-up is 40 euros extra. If you live in Greece or if you happen to be in Greece for those two days and you are interested contact me.

Thank you! :blowkiss:

New section on the site

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2012, 10:28 AM
New section on the site: Photoshop

Portrait retouch and make overs
before and after shots  

visit :…

Also for Greeks only

Two days workshop, 13,14/10 full day photoshoot, whoever joins, will get a photoshoot and 10 edited photos for 50 euros only!
Make-up is 40 euros extra. If you live in Greece or if you happen to be in Greece for those two days and you are interested contact me.

Thank you! :blowkiss:

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